new start


OK, so here I go again. Another attempt at getting my photography moving forward. Its now 2014 and I was here 12 months ago putting out my first blog to showcase my photography and try and establish myself on WordPress and other social media.

Nikon is still with me but I have changed camera and sysems

Nikon is still with me but I have changed camera and systems

My hope was I could meet other photographers, be inspired and get creative myself. I think I was so overawed by the task and the work and time taken up by blogging. Two blogs was as far as I got. I also had doubts about the level of my photography and as to whether it was good enough to share. Well 12 months on, a change of camera system, a lighting and studio photography course done, a dozen books digested and a thousand You tube videos watched I’m here again. Way off where I want to be but inspired, open minded and still fascinated by Photography. Lets see how far I get this year.