Beautiful Hamburgers – A post from 2013

This was the second and last post I did last year. Although its now a year old I still enjoyed writing it and photographing the City. So I decided to let it fly again with a few small revisions. I enjoyed photographing Hamburg and using my images to tell the story looking back now a year later there are a few things I would have done differently post edit but I thought I would keep them as they are, some are good (i think) others maybe not so but hey…every days a school day and the only way is up.

A family birthday in Germany was on the cards and a chance to photograph Hamburg helped the decision to fly out for the party. We decided to go early to spend a day in Hamburg. We did spend a long time in the train station however. Anyone with experience of Germany’s train stations will know why, a more apt description would be a shopping centre that happens to have trains running in and out of it. The bakeries, deli’s, restaurants and bars are incredible and you could easily eat within the train stations all weekend, there is that much choice. The station also had its own photography store to keep me there for a little while longer.Result!!

Although time was limited and I spent more time photographing the station than the city I did get chance to do a little exploring. As we entered the most expensive area I came upon a old sailor one of the many homeless that occupy the streets of all cities in Europe. He was happy to get his picture taken and a donation in his paper cup helped establish a rapport. There is so much to see in Hamburg though that I hardly did it justice especially the area around the river and docks. However I least i have a good excuse to return there in the near future.